Qlik: Transforming Healthcare with Data Analytics

In this exciting webinar we will explore A&E admission rates from real NHS Trust statistics from around the UK. We will discuss how to become a proactive organisation, including how to accurately forecast staffing and resourcing needs based on spikes in demand using an intelligent, self-service data visualisation tool.

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  • Bring together and blend data quickly, from a variety of disparate sources and system
  • Discover actionable insight into your patients, staff, productivity, and even your organisation’s future
  • Gain a deeper understanding of patients and their admittance with a demographic breakdown
  • Effectively analyse differences in demand at peak times between healthcare bodies
  • Effortlessly transform complicated information about patients into intuitive visualisations

Register today to become a more proactive organisation that interrogates Healthcare data of patients, staff and performance to gain meaningful conclusions for faster decision-making.

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(Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the webinar, if you register we will send out the webinar recording afterwards.

Interested in data analytics for Healthcare?

Our 30 minute webinar will teach you how to quickly and easily blend and prep data for output into a visualisation too. 25th October 2018 at 10am + receive the recording afterwards.

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