Alteryx and Microsoft Power BI: Data-Driven Decision Making for Healthcare

Make faster decisions and become a more proactive organisation by quickly and easily bringing together many disparate data sources to discover deeper insights – in a fraction of the time! Register for our 30 minute live webinar to see how.

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  • Take advantage of time saving automated workflows that can perform scheduled data processing on a huge array of data sources
  • Enrich data with a range of third-party sources to make better informed decisions and accurately forecast resourcing and staffing
  • Discover truly valuable exploration of healthcare data with automated integration from any source through drag and drop workflows – no code required!
  • Direct output into Microsoft Power BI for intelligent, interactive dashboards and visualisations

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Our 30 minute webinar will teach you how to quickly and easily visualise and interrogate data. 25th October 2018 at 2pm + receive the recording afterwards.

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