Perfect Image’s Head of Managed Services, Mick Keeble, gives his thoughts on maintaining exceptional support delivery despite the weather.

As a service provider, we at Perfect Image need to be available for our customers – no matter the weather emergency. We make every effort to do so, even when the same issues that might be affecting them, are also affecting us.

This week the Beast from the East is threatening many organisations down the east coast with all sorts of weather that can stop staff from getting to work. This morning we could have found ourselves in blizzards, traffic jams and snow drifts, but rather than fighting the elements, our business continuity planning kicked in. Our 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support teams all had the option to work securely from whatever location they found themselves, whether at home or in our Newcastle office.

We get asked, for a number of reasons, “When was the last time you failed over?” This is typically in relation to Disaster Recovery planning, and is a legacy conversation based on companies having their systems on-site and in private data centres.

As a cloud-first company, our systems are all hosted in Public cloud environments such as Azure and AWS. We use exactly the same business systems regardless of where we are located and as such do not need to “fail over”. Cloud really is the future of business and it’s meant that even when disaster strikes, we’re ready and able to be there for our customers.

For example, this morning our support teams securely logged onto our Service Management System from home (as if in the office), and use cloud-based voice/telephony services to make and receive calls from our customers (as if in the office).

For us, no matter what the circumstances, it simply doesn’t make a difference to our service. It really is business as normal on the support desk and we’re here to help – no matter where we are.

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