Discover everything you need to know about what’s coming in industry-leading analytics technologies and how two customers have transformed their businesses using powerful Qlik solutions!

We’ve all heard the term “data is the new oil”. But what does it really mean?

It means that data has become the lifeblood of not only business but all aspects of our lives – it is something we’ve grown to rely on. The possibilities that data presents businesses are endless, but often it’s taking the first step towards analytics that can be the hardest. Then after that, to know how to progress and avoid stagnation.

Qlik Sense is a tool that offers businesses a way of gathering all the information they own about their products, services, customers, employees and more. That information can be transformed into easy-to-understand visualisations that offer actionable insights. Instead of manually raking through rows and columns on Excel, Qlik Sense gives meaning to those numbers. You can explore data in a more natural way. It offers a continually improving service too, with four or more huge feature updates per year that offer increasingly more impressive and powerful features – more on that later.

To help people understand why they should be using leading analytics and what it can offer them, Perfect Image hosted the Qlik Analytics Tour last week. Read on to find out the most amazing and compelling lessons of the day…

Augmented Intelligence: Bringing Together Human Intuition with Machine Intelligence

Among modern BI vendors, only Qlik covers the complete data and analytics journey – from integrating raw data to uncovering and sharing insights. Visualising data is simply one step in the analytics process, but much more is needed in a complete analytics solution. Businesses need a solution that can extract, blend, prepare and output data into visualisations. That’s what Qlik uniquely offers. Then, using Qlik’s Augmented Intelligence, you can combine human intuition with machine intelligence to reveal hidden insights, accelerate time-to-value, magnify discovery and drive data literacy.

Conversational Analytics for Instant, Actionable Answers

We saw a demo of the powerful new conversational analytics using Qlik’s cutting-edge Insight Bot. This enables natural language interaction to ask questions of data in a chat-style interface. The Insight Bot will return the answers to you, along with suggestions of more information you could explore. For example, you could ask it how sales did this year compared to last year, what the split of employees is between branches, or to compare two branches and see the difference in performance.

The Insight Bot will provide you with a visualisation and explanation of its answer, and suggested next steps for other facts you may be interested in. This tool could be transformational in business, to put the power of data analysis back in the hands of end users and enabling non-analysts to find the answers they need with just a few taps of their keyboard.

NRS Healthcare: From Lengthy IT Specs to Self-Service Reporting That Wins Tenders

We had a guest speaker from NRS Healthcare who told us their organisation’s story of working with Perfect Image and helping to realise their vision of where Qlik could take them. Perfect Image became their trusted IT advisor, providing “invaluable” advice that was best for NRS Healthcare – not sales. The organisation moved away from having to create specification documents for their IT team to build them flat reports in SQL – instead, they now build interactive apps in Qlik Sense to explore data within the analyst team.

Dashboards are used internally to bring the NHS’s mission to life, of using data to improve people’s quality of life, and externally it is offered to customers as a reporting solution to use at a budget or team level, which they’ve never been able to offer before. Using Qlik Analytics Platform (QAP), NRS Healthcare employees can build webpages and embed visualisations without having any previous IT experience. It has also been used to win tenders based on the quality of their reporting. They have become more proactive by taking advantage of Big Data to predict outcomes. While it began life in their company as 10 users, now the organisation has 90 Qlik licences throughout their depots and headquarters, and that is only set to increase.

nrs healthcare presenting at qlik analytics tour

Calderdale Council: From Bar Charts to Effortless Data Exploration

Calderdale Council shared their analytics journey, beginning in 2017 when they began looking for a new analytics solution because they had quarterly reporting that was taking too long to pull together and no visualisations. They worked with Perfect Image to create a tailored Qlik Sense solution to pull in data from several local councils, to compare results.

Using a “cats and dogs” analogy, Calderdale Council said that sometimes when you ask IT to build you a dog, something with four legs and a tail, sometimes it will come back with whiskers and meowing. They emphasised that companies must find an IT solutions provider who will design and deliver the solution you actually want and need – which they said Perfect Image did.

The Council demoed some of the dashboards they use (anonymised) and they were impressive in the range of visualisations they offered – a point they made was that Perfect Image had worked hard to empower them with a range of dashboards, not just the bar charts they were familiar with using and had requested. Now they learn from each other’s strengths and find potential improvements in a range of areas within the Councils. They now quickly identify outliers by using innovative visualisations with benchmarks and averages to identify which councils are or aren’t hitting these targets.

calderdale council presenting at qlik analytics tour

Learning More About NPrinting, GeoAnalytics, and Alteryx

During lunch we held three rapid-fire learning sessions about NPrinting, GeoAnalytics and Alteryx.

NPrinting for effortless generation and distribution of reports

NPrinting is a fantastic Qlik reporting platform that lets you create reports using your QlikView and Qlik Sense data, and then distribute them automatically in a range of standard formats. This includes scheduled distribution of reports automatically or when requested by users, online subscription portals for reports, role-based security at app level, and full Microsoft Office integration. This centralised distribution system simplifies scheduled report generation and distribution, to share knowledge and analyse data across your organisation and beyond.

GeoAnalytics to map out bodies and floorplans for location-based insights

Next, we took a quick tour of Qlik GeoAnalytics and saw it used to map out the body of an MMA fighter and which parts of the body took how many hits, to improve their fighting techniques and methods. Then we saw it map out gyms in the UK and use drive time analysis to find the most convenient ones for the MMA fighter. Drive time was used, not distance, as it is far more accurate and practical – a gym five miles away will take much longer to commute to in London than it would in Newcastle. We learned GeoAnalytics is an effective tool for mapping out any image – geographical locations, bodies, factory floors, classrooms, retail branches, and so much more.

Alteryx & Qlik Sense for a powerful end-to-end analytics solution

Then we learned about using Alteryx with Qlik Sense, for effortless drag-and-drop data extracting and blending, before outputting the cleansed and prepared data into Qlik Sense for visualisations. Alteryx and Qlik Sense together make for a very powerful end-to-end analytics solution. It’s great for companies with many disparate systems and seemingly incompatible data sources.

Discovering Comparative Analysis, New Visualisations, Multi-Cloud Deployments and Much More

We held a hands-on workshop for those new to Qlik Sense to experience how easy it is to get started. At the same time, we held a “What’s New at Qlik” session. Coming back to the regular Qlik Sense updates, people were extremely impressed by the additional features that Qlik Sense April 2019 offers to customers.

We explored all the new features of Qlik April 2019, such as the Cognitive Engine (with Machine Learning), Insight Advisor (to recommend visuals and associative connections), comparative analysis, Qlik Sense Mobile, Multi-Cloud deployment enhancements, new visualisations and so much more. To learn about anything listed here, please get in touch to speak to one of our friendly analytics experts.

What Did Customers Think?

“Time well spent – very enjoyable!”
– Dean Newstead, Agile Solutions Manager – Openreach

Guests rated the day and overall, we received a satisfaction score of 4.39 out of 5 from attendees! People loved the demo of the Insight Bot, the mobile application and the new features of Qlik Sense April 2019. They also appreciated hearing the customer stories and how their successes can be applied to their own businesses. Attendees also enjoyed networking with like-minded local organisations and realising that others are experiencing the same challenges as them, and sharing ways they can alleviate those issues using analytics solutions such as Qlik Sense. Overall people left inspired and with many fresh ideas for making a difference within their organisation.

“Great event and really informative.”
– Anita Wright, Head of Data Performance – Onward Homes

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