If you think business continuity and disaster recovery are only about making sure you have a backup system in place, think again. Having a proper form of backup solution is certainly important, but there are many, many other elements that you need to consider as part of your business continuity plan.

We realise that a business continuity plan, and the cost and effort involved in implementing it, have to be appropriate to the needs of your organisation. We will work with you to determine what’s important and which areas of your business operations are most sensitive to downtime so we can plan, implement and manage the solutions that will best protect you in the event of a disaster.

We have the knowledge and the business experience necessary to help you implement appropriate business continuity policies, processes and technologies throughout your entire organisation. Crucially, we’ll do it in the best way for you and your own unique circumstances.

The first step to creating a proper business continuity plan is to determine how long you can afford each part of your organisation to be out of action for and what the costs and consequences of any disasters might be. This will then, in turn, determine the Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and the Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) for each of your systems.

We will work with you, as part of our assessment, to understand these business requirements as well as assessing the current processes and systems you have in place for business continuity. The assessment will allow us to:

  • Make the right long-term recommendations on what your systems should look like and decide how you can best make any changes
  • Determine the best approach to operating and testing your business continuity systems, providing you with the right service as cost effectively as possible

Our assessments will take into account a wide variety of factors that could influence what’s best for you. We look at the bigger picture, making sure that we understand what your business needs now, and anticipates needing in the future.

Case Studies

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