Microsoft Inspire 2017: What happened?

More than 17,000 attendees filled the streets of Washington, D.C. for the biggest Microsoft partner event in history, to be one of the first to lay their eyes on what Microsoft consider to be the best up-and-coming technology.

Throughout the three day event, Microsoft made their mission clear, which is to “empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.” With the innovative developments and solutions being unveiled, this was certainly true. The huge potential of cloud technology was emphasised for its ability to optimise operations, engage customers, transform products and empower employees.

Cloud Technology a Key Focus

Throughout the event, the cloud was touted as the next huge shift in the way that technology works. Very soon the cloud will no longer be an option, but a necessity. Analogue phones are being discarded in 2020 which will inevitably be replaced by cloud phone systems. Physical servers are being replaced with cloud systems that take up less space, are less costly and are more secure.

Companies worldwide, from small to enterprise sized, need to start really considering how they can future-proof their company using cloud technology. Microsoft also make the point that, “With a consistent cloud platform, organizations can confidently make technology decisions based on business requirements, rather than business decisions based on technology complications.”

These are the announcements from Inspire 2017 of the newest technology that your company could soon be benefitting from in the very near future:

NEW: Dynamics 365 for Financials and Operations, Business Edition

This new business edition of Dynamics for F&O brings old familiars such as Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV together for a cloud-hosted platform. The release date in the UK was July 1st but with some limited features, however in autumn there will be substantial additional integration capabilities and functionality released, bringing it up to the same level of effectiveness Microsoft users are accustomed to.

NEW: Azure Stack

This Microsoft Azure extension has been over a year in the making and provides customers with the ability to have cloud computing benefits in an on-premises environment. This flexible, hybrid solution means that companies can balance agility and power, to drive business change and to address a lot of the restrictions companies have to work with when considering the cloud.

NEW: Microsoft 365

This is the beginning of the modern workplace – and it starts in August. Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Business are set to provide customers with a simple yet effective full solution that combines Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility and Security. Though this isn’t a technically a new product, it is a new way of bundling apps and one of the main benefits is increased security of company data, easy set up, and strengthened connections between companies and customers.

What does this mean for companies?

All of the announcements from this year’s Inspire 2017 makes for very exciting news that we could soon have such industry changing products on our hands to provide to our customers, and that we will also be able to benefit from. What we did notice was that with every new announcement, Power BI was also being stitched into everything to provide in depth data analytics with every service Microsoft provide. This certainly reinforces how imperative Business Intelligence is and will be in the future.

The cloud is helping businesses to bring people together in an effortless, cohesive way that will benefit businesses and customers alike with speedy communication, cooperative working, and more meaningful insights. This really is the future of business and Microsoft’s announcements will be absolutely game changing by making the cloud more accessible, productive and developed than ever before.

What can my company do now?

We pride ourselves here at Perfect Image of being industry leaders in technology and keeping ahead of the curve with the very newest and best of breed technology possible to provide to our customers. Attending Microsoft Inspire opened our eyes to even more opportunity to be able to assist our clients with staying one step ahead of their competition and to be the best company that we can be.

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