Technical Operations Team Leader, Chris Hayes, explains why Perfect Image has established a ground-breaking Network Operations Centre (NOC) and what this means for customers.

What is the Network Operations Centre (NOC)?

I’m very excited by this latest development at Perfect Image. The NOC is a dedicated hub for our Technical Operations Team to supervise, monitor and maintain customers’ systems, security and networks. We’ve got the status of their infrastructures displayed on big screens with a red, amber and green alert system. It enables us to instantly identify potential threats or issues, so we can act immediately to resolve it.

We’ve offered NOC services to our customers for some time, but we’ve moved to a purpose-built area and consolidated the team, tools, and technologies. Now we have faster response times than ever before, a more comprehensive support service, and a team of dedicated and focused experts in one place. It’s what our customers wanted. Every customer I’ve given a tour of the NOC to has been wide-eyed and excited about it. It’s the next level of IT support.

24/7 x 365 cost-effective support and maintenance

We’re pioneering in the North East for having a genuine NOC set up. It provides a thorough, proactive IT support solution to customers. Monitoring operates 24/7, 365 days a year at a minimum 99.99% service level. It’s a big relief for customers to know their IT infrastructure is constantly being monitored, maintained and optimised.

It’s costly for a company to have their own NOC set up with dedicated people monitoring screens all of the time; taking our service is much more cost-effective. You can’t beat the impact and the reassurance of having a company constantly assess your infrastructure. It also means issues are dealt with immediately, or before they even arise, rather than it being unnoticed for a period of time and spreading across your network. We focus on their IT, so they can focus on their business.

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Monitoring our customers’ IT infrastructures

For some clients, we monitor their whole IT infrastructure. For others, it’s particular elements of their network or website traffic.

One example we’ve seen recently is a red alert (the most critical) about Citrix. This alert indicated that potentially hundreds of people were going to be affected. We began working on it straight away to avert disaster, rather than waiting for a support call to come in.

Another of our clients uses a cloud environment. We received an amber alert about an Elastic Block Storage (EBS) volume that wasn’t attached to anything within the environment, so we investigated it. One of their employees had attempted a restore but hadn’t deleted the disc afterwards. It wasn’t critical but rather than it being unnoticed and the company paying for it over a period of months or years, we resolved the issue straight away.

Trend analysis and preventative measures

A big thing our customers like is trend analysis and predictive failures. With trend analysis, we can look at the history of recurring issues and drill into it using the NOC to discover patterns and root cause problems. Then we can use preventative measures to stop issues happening in the future.

Another really good benefit for customers is reporting. A customer who uses our NOC services thought they hadn’t experienced any issues during the first month. They had questioned it with their account manager who showed them reports from the NOC to show them how many issues had actually happened. They just hadn’t been aware, because we fixed it before users noticed anything was wrong.

That’s the whole idea of proactive IT support really; the less the customer knows about what we’re doing, the better it’s working.

What’s in the future of the NOC?

We’re constantly looking for ways to remain ahead of the curve for changes in customer demand and the wider IT landscape. We’re choosing a powerful, next-generation firewall to enhance the protection of our customers’ networks. We’re also integrating more automation, to further improve efficiency, security and reaction time.

Customers are excited (and so are we!) because we can genuinely improve companies’ IT with this. The more that people see what we’re doing with it, and they realise they want to be part of what we’ve got, it’s going to take off in a big way.

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Technical Operations Team Leader, Chris Hayes

Chris has worked at Perfect Image since 2010 when he began as a 1st Line Service Desk Operator. Since then, he has moved up the ranks to become Technical Operations Team Leader in August 2017. Chris manages the NOC along with the 3rd and 2nd Line combined Technical Operations Team.

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