Perfect Image has delivered their final batch of donations to local food banks in time for Christmas 2017.

A few weeks ago, we told you about our first batch of donations to local food banks, which contained over 100 advent calendars that had to be delivered before December 1st.

Since then, Perfect Image staff have really pulled together in an effort to make sure that local children won’t wake up this Christmas without food or gifts. We’ve had another collective effort to donate more items, we’ve held raffles to raise money, and we’ve bought toys and food with the £370 gift voucher that was donated by Andrew Robson, Perfect Image’s CEO.

Perfect Image’s second round of donations

An amazing response from the food banks

When the deadline for our delivery day came around, we had desks crammed with donations. These were delivered to two local food banks, and both places were incredibly grateful for everything that had been given.

We had a great response from Julia Lawton, Community Project Manager for the Heaton foodbank, who said of Perfect Image’s contribution:

“Wow, what can I say, thank you so much. The presents are amazing. Quite a few children will have an amazing Christmas thanks to you and your team. I will start wrapping them and get them delivered ASAP so parents know they have some presents for Christmas.

Thank you once again. I am blown away by your kindness.”

Our donations being delivered to the Heaton food bank

How did Perfect Image do?

We spoke to a member of the team involved, Bob McKay, about his thoughts on Perfect Image’s collection efforts:

Why did you think that it was important for Perfect Image to donate to the food banks?

“It’s important to look after local communities and those vulnerable at any time of year, but especially so during winter and the festive periods. Families on low incomes, in particular, find it difficult when they cannot provide their children with the things the rest of us take for granted.”

What do you think about our company getting staff involved with donating?

“I think everyone with the ability to help has an obligation to do so, but in our busy lives, it’s difficult to find a way. This seemed a good way to help those in need. I couldn’t bear the idea of kids not having presents on Christmas day right on our doorstep and not doing anything about it.”

What do you think of the efforts of those at Perfect Image?

“I’m really pleased with the amount of food, gifts and household items donated – I was especially pleased that people thought about what was needed, providing practical help and not just token donations.”

Would you like to get involved?

Get in touch with Perfect Image

In January 2018, we will begin collecting again – this time we’re looking for donations for a local clothes bank. If you would like to get involved please contact us to find out more.

Find out what you can do to help

Read more about what you can do to assist the Trussell Trust food banks and those in need this Christmas here.