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Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365 as Your CRM Solution in 2019

Are you currently using a CRM solution, but it’s restrictive and holding your organisation back from achieving its full potential? It’s time to upgrade your CRM to a powerful, intuitive solution that will meet the needs of every area of your business.

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Our customers

Everything is done over CRM where we hold employee records, all medical information and all assessments. It’s the heartbeat of our integrated health model. Without it, we wouldn’t have a 3D picture of these employees… Roughly, some of the initial changes over an annual period has increased our capacity to the equivalent of about four people. Our staff can make better decisions on what needs to happen next.

Chris Howell, Operations Director at healthcare rm
Case study
Case Study – healthcare rm
Healthcare solutions provider adopted a feature-rich and customer-centric tailored CRM solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365.
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