A recent study has revealed that outdated and inefficient technology in UK workplaces results in the average worker wasting 167 hours – more than 21 days – each year. This “dead time” costs businesses over £2,100 per employee, per year.

Technology is a crucial part of daily operations for every organisation, but evidently not having the right technology can be highly damaging. A rise in the dependence on IT results in businesses using a variety of different technologies and systems, each to meet a very specific business need. Your systems may not enable staff to work to their full ability and don’t connect with each other. This could include CRM, productivity tools, finance, HR, marketing, and many more.

Team members are unable to work collaboratively with co-workers, customers and suppliers without emailing documents around, which can be confusing but more importantly can put potentially sensitive business information at risk. Employees become frustrated with spending their time on tasks that don’t add value, and you get frustrated that you’re paying too much for systems that don’t do what you need them to. So, what can you do?

What Is A Modern Workplace?

These pressures require businesses to have a responsive, modern workplace to meet their changing needs. Creating a modern workplace means connecting systems, people and data in a secure and efficient way to enable connectivity, collaboration and flexibility. Instead of daily frustrations, staff are more satisfied and productive. You pay for technologies that do exactly what you need them to, are seamlessly connected, and highly secure. Your business is more productive and agile than ever before.

Enabling A Microsoft Modern Workplace With Microsoft 365

A Microsoft modern workplace uses the full suite of powerful products within Microsoft 365, the full Microsoft stack of technologies if required, to help evolve and transform your business.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 brings together the latest versions of the cloud-based productivity and collaboration platform, Microsoft Office 365, along with powerful device management and security solutions. Microsoft 365 comes in three tiers depending on the size and needs of your business: Business, Enterprise and Education. Drive positive change with a Microsoft modern workplace transformation.

Protect Business Data

You no longer need to worry about when and where the next breach in your security is going to come from and what you can do about it. The security stack protects your business data so you can relax in the knowledge that sensitive business data is in safe hands. We can help you to take advantage of identity, app, data, and device protection using Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Intune. Advanced threat protection and defence protects, detects and responds to even very advanced, sophisticated threats.

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The Case For A Microsoft Modern Workplace

Staff have the tools they need to work at their full potential, and because you have the latest features and updates as standard, they get to be as productive as possible. Drive better results by bringing teams together so they can communicate better and collaborate effortlessly using the cloud. Microsoft 365 can be accessed with both personal and corporate mobile devices using application and mobile device management solutions to help minimise complexity. You spend less time worrying about issues and security breaches and more time growing and developing your business.

How Can You Create a Modern Workplace With Microsoft 365?

If you want to begin your journey towards creating a modern workplace with Microsoft 365, we can help. Perfect Image is a Microsoft Gold Partner with more than 25 years of experience in creating, delivering and supporting value-add IT solutions. You need an IT partner with the skills and experience to help you within the context of your business and industry for longer-lasting results that empower staff, boost productivity, and deliver value.

Let us help you to put an end to money-wasting “dead time” and create a powerful modern workplace using Microsoft technologies, tailored to your needs and goals.

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