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  • Their mission is to be “the best borough in the North” and to do this needed a platform that would encourage data-driven decision making
  • Their biggest three priorities are to grow the economy, to reduce inequality, and to build a sustainable future
  • Recognised leaders in the public sector for adopting innovative, best of breed technology to raise customer expectations for what a local authority are able to achieve

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The challenge

  • To upgrade from QlikView to QlikSense
  • Become more transparent with a web-based data sharing platform
  • To skill up their internal data team
  • To remain compliant with data governance regulations

The solution

  • Our consultants worked alongside their team to start developing a solution
  • Implement QlikSense as part of the mobile solution and Qlik Analytical Platform to share dashboards on the web
  • Workshops with our Business Intelligence Consultant to train their team on-site for two days
  • Assured assistance when required for the future

The benefits

  • Less time taken to produce monthly reports from 65 hours a week to just 12 – one fifth of the prior time needed
  • Reduced the cost of producing reports from £15,600 down to just £2,800
  • Reports highlight issues early and Calderdale have become proactive to problems instead of reactive
  • Servers and data safe with more secure information sharing
  • Enhanced accuracy of budget setting and revenue monitoring and improved focus on performance across many areas

Read the full case study >