This week, Perfect Image delivered our first round of festive donations to local Newcastle foodbanks.

With Christmas just over one month away, many families are struggling to put food on the table. Perfect Image is passionate about helping the local community and to try and do our bit we liaised with foodbanks to ensure that we were donating what they need. We then sent out a call to action for all of our staff to give what they could. In our office, we set up a dedicated donations area to collect food and other items to be delivered to a food bank.

Our chosen charity was the Trussell Trust, an anti-poverty organisation with 428 foodbanks nationally, and we donated to the Heaton and Benwell foodbanks in Newcastle. All users of their foodbanks are referred by professionals such social workers and school liaison officers to receive three days’ worth of nutritionally balanced food and support to those in crisis. A huge 293,451 people (approx.) were unique users in April – September of this year – showing the real need for people to donate.

Julia from the Heaton food bank receiving Perfect Image’s donations

Time to Deliver

After just one week of donations from staff, we found ourselves with a generous pile of festive foodstuffs, hygiene products and household items that could be distributed to families and vulnerable individuals all around the local area.

The donations also included around 100 advent calendars for local children, which needed to be with the foodbank early, to ensure the first chocolate window could be opened in time for December 1st.

Our next plan is to have another round of donations from staff who wish to donate. Then, at the beginning of December, we will use the £370 of Amazon gift vouchers which Andrew Robson, CEO of Perfect Image, has donated as a contribution on behalf of all at the company to buy toys, books and presents.

What do Foodbanks Need?

If you would also like to take part and donate to a foodbank, we got in touch and Trussell Trust confirmed that as well as standard tinned and dried food items, they are also looking to give children a cheerier Christmas, saying they were hoping to receive:

“Donations of anything Christmassy, i.e. Christmas puddings, crackers and/or pulling crackers, jams etc. Other food items can include tinned fruit, tinned rice pudding, and tinned custard. Non-food items can include hygiene products, more so shaving foam etc., as we do not get a lot of men’s hygiene, people tend to think more of women’s hygiene.

Interested in donating to a foodbank?

If anyone else out there wishes to do the same and give local families the Christmas they deserve, please contact:


Newcastle Dream Centre

Heaton Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne | NE6 1SB

Tel: +44 (0)191 224 2422



West End Food Bank

331 Benwell Lane, Benwell, NE15 6LX.

Tel: +44 (0)191 275 3019