Andrew Smith, Sales & Marketing Director at Perfect Image, gives a rundown of attendee’s top five takeaways about beginning a cloud journey from experts speaking at our recent cloud migration event.

We recently co-hosted an event with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help businesses with planning their journey to the cloud. We wanted to provide more information about how to know whether your business is ready to move to the cloud, and how to create a strategic migration plan. What are the advantages and considerations of doing that? There’s so much chatter about moving to the public cloud and reviewing the technologies, but not what it means to adopt it or how to begin.

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Here’s what attendees said were the top things they learned about planning a cloud adoption journey:

1.      Take a two-pronged approach to a cloud journey

Depending on how close they were to migrating, we had two action plans to help attendees – which all businesses should have before securing your journey to the cloud. The first was to understand their cloud readiness. We walked them through readiness assessments to understand what they could take to the cloud, what that might cost, and how to put together a proposal or business case. We then focused on the cloud migration plan itself. This was for businesses who had decided to move and needed to build a plan to strategically shift their IT infrastructure from on-premise into the cloud.

2.      Plan a best practice approach for both business and technical considerations

We walked attendees through the cloud adoption framework and took them through the AWS best practice approach. We covered the implications across business functions because they might have business functions that also have technical considerations. The example we used was around compliance, which is a business need, but has also has security implications. Take GDPR for example; we’ve all got responsibilities to manage and protect data from a business compliance point of view, but you also need to look at it from an IT security perspective.

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3.      There’s no need to worry about public cloud security

We had an attendee from a public sector organisation who was very concerned about the security of the cloud. He didn’t want his organisation to be vulnerable. It was interesting because his concerns sounded as though he was speaking about physical, on-premise infrastructure – not cloud. With cloud, AWS define what areas a customer is responsible for and is based on the services being used. The rest is taken care of by AWS. Central government, the NHS, the police – they’ve already invested in the cloud and there has never been a security breach in the areas that fall under the responsibility of AWS.  If they did, they’d immediately lose all credibility, and therefore this is a major focus to ensure it never happens. To discuss cloud security in more detail with one of our experts,  get in touch  today.

4.      Customers agree that public cloud is worth it

Ben Mason, Founder of Global Bridge, told us his business’s story of choosing to migrate on-premise servers to AWS and how beneficial it is for them. When he spoke about their decision making, their worries and their considerations, a lot of customers said it was enlightening to hear from a company who had previously been in their exact position as they are now. You can find out more about Global Bridge’s AWS cloud journey and exactly why they chose to move their Microsoft workloads to AWS in their    full case study.

5.      Cloud isn’t here to take IT jobs away – but to enrich them

What I find is that people struggle to understand that the cloud is a different commodity, but it delivers the same end game as on-premise. Yes, it’s managed differently and does require a different set of skills, but people who are used to managing physical infrastructure warm to it very quickly. With cloud enablement and training, they gain more modern and useful knowledge, have stronger job security, are of higher value to their organisation, and they can have a better strategic impact on their company.

Andrew Smith – Sales & Marketing Director at Perfect Image

Andrew began working at Perfect Image in 2008 as Head of Sales, where he gained significant experience and a deep understanding of Business Intelligence solutions, the Microsoft suite of products, and cloud technologies. He has since moved up the ranks to Sales Director in 2014, and to Sales & Marketing Director in 2018 to manage the business development and marketing teams. Overseeing sales processes from start to finish, he has a focus on building strong, lasting relationships with clients and delivering strategies and solutions that really deliver value.

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We’re an experienced AWS Consulting Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner. Let us help you to take your first step to move to public cloud – request a free cloud consultation today.