Infrastructure engineer Martin Samuels joined the Perfect Image team a little over six months ago. In his role, Martin provides support, project delivery and consultancy across a wide range of technologies to our customers throughout the UK.

We sat down for a quick chat with Martin to find out a little bit more on his life in IT…

So Martin, how did you get into the IT industry?

I always had an interest in technology – even from a young age when Dad arrived home with a ZX Spectrum under his arm – I found myself hooked. I studied IT at GCSE and A-level before going on to complete a Degree in Information Systems. Following university, my first full-time job was working on Apple’s first-line customer service desk before I moved into business IT support and infrastructure consultancy.

What is your favourite thing about working at Perfect Image?

Even in the short time I have worked here I’ve already had the opportunity to use a variety of different technologies. I have also completed certifications for products I hadn’t previously used which has kept the day-to-day both challenging and interesting.

What do you love about your colleagues?

Everyone here is very friendly. When I started, it wasn’t long before I felt like a proper part of the team rather than just “the new guy”.

What do you think sets Perfect Image apart from other IT solutions providers?

The willingness to make customer requirements the priority when designing a solution, rather than allowing a relationship with a vendor or loyalty towards a particular product dictate the proposal.

What are your favourite and least favourite technology products, and why?


As a consumer – Sonos. I’m a big music fan, so being able to access streaming services, radio stations from around the world and countless podcasts around the house. I use it daily – I don’t know how I coped beforehand!

For business – AWS. The solutions made possible by Amazon Web Services and the rate at which additions to the portfolio arrive creates a product offering that enables businesses to achieve results which they would not otherwise be able to.

Least favourite…

Anything voice activated! Maybe American technology just isn’t made to understand the cockney accent but there’s only so many times I can cope with shouting with an increasingly frustrated voice “Hey Cortana…Turn on/turn off/watch TV etc”.

As impressive as it is on the unusual occasion that it does work, I am still yet to find a voice recognition assistant that gets the right results frequently enough to be a better experience than a physical control. The technology appears to be getting better with time, so maybe one day I will finally be convinced.

What piece of tech could you not live without?

Cliché as it may be, my mobile phone. It is my main method of communicating with friends and family, my diary, my morning news source, portable music library, camera and casual gaming device amongst other things. I would be lost without it.

What do you think technology will look like in ten years time?

Business IT will most likely still be on its journey into the cloud, becoming evermore reliant on subscription services for hardware and software.

I expect the slow death of the traditional desktop/laptop to continue, possibly replaced by the processing power of mobile devices which, when docked into various form factors or attached to external peripherals, will run web browser-based office productivity applications rather than locally installed software.

What technology-related blogs, podcasts, Twitter accounts or websites do you follow? is my go-to tech blog for corporate tech news while keeps me up-to-date with a slightly more consumer bias. @acloudguru, @KroonenburgRyan ‏and @sbarski ‏are just a few of the Twitter accounts that add a level of professionalism to my feed.

What do you get up to when you’re not at work?

When I am not at work, I typically spend my time playing football, running long distances, watching a variety of sport on TV or risking my hearing in one of Newcastle’s music venues while taking my chances on a beer based entirely on the design of the tap’s label. I also enjoy photography and computer gaming.


Thanks to Martin for answering our questions, we hope you enjoyed getting to know him a little better!

We’re dedicated to providing the best IT solutions for our clients. If you’d like to know more about how Martin and the Perfect Image team can solve your IT issues then get in touch today.