Our Microsoft experts have handpicked their top 17 features from the hundreds available for free with the innovative Microsoft 365 platform! Read on to learn what they are and see them in action…

Most people already use Microsoft licences in the form of the familiar Office products (Word, Excel, Outlook). However, older versions of the Microsoft technologies you may be relying on are becoming obsolete. For example, the Office 2007 end-of-support deadline has already passed, meaning you don’t get technical support for problems and security and bug fixes. End-of-life is coming for Windows 7 and Windows/SQL Server 2008 is coming on January 14, 2020 – just a few months away – and this means your PC will be more vulnerable to security risks and won’t receive feature updates.

What some businesses aren’t aware of is how easy and beneficial it is to leverage your existing licences to modernised versions that guarantee you’re always up-to-date, secure, and taking advantage of the cloud. Instead of moving to Office 2013 or Office 2016 (products that will soon be outdated) why not consider upgrading to Microsoft 365 an innovative, cloud-powered technology that will drive incredible companywide results?

Older versions of Office don’t include new productivity apps like Microsoft Teams, the latest security features, or the use of innovative Microsoft cloud technologies. However, with Microsoft 365, you’re automatically upgraded to the latest version, you get all of the new features and functionality, and you don’t have to the latest security updates and support fixes. Take a look at how your older technologies could be migrated to cloud-powered, modern new alternatives:

Legacy Software

Upgraded Software

Office client installed on your computers

Office 365 ProPlus

Office servers installed on your servers

Equivalent services in Office 365

Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

Windows 10 Enterprise

Exchange Server

Exchange Online

SharePoint Server

SharePoint Online

Skype for Business Online

Microsoft Teams

Creating a Modern Workplace

Over time, with every migration you make, you get one step closer to achieving a modern workplace. A modern workplace is, as Microsoft  enthuses, “A secure and integrated environment that unlocks teamwork and creativity in your organization, all of which is enabled and empowered by Microsoft 365.”

Microsoft 365 Enterprise includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security – and is installed and updated from the Microsoft cloud. A huge number of businesses have already made the move. Look at how many people are already benefiting from Microsoft’s modern, innovative IT solutions:

  • Microsoft Office 365 has 155 million active business users every month
  • 400 million people use Outlook.com
  • 91% of Fortune 100 organisations use Microsoft Teams

So why are Microsoft technologies so popular? Read on to discover just 17 of the hundreds of fantastic features included for free within Microsoft 365…

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Top 17 Fantastic Hidden Features Within Microsoft 365

Tip 1 – Use Word as a Quick Mindmapping Tool

Double-click anywhere in Word & start typing (Print Layout view/Web Layout view only). This is great for inserting text & graphics and as an impromptu mind mapping tool.

Tip 2 – Translate on the Go

Translate on the go with Microsoft Office 365 with Microsoft Translator. Use the Translate feature (in the Review tab) and choose from many languages. Translate a word, sentence or your whole doc!

Microsoft Office 365 Screenshot Word Translate

Tip 3 – Sparklines in Excel

Sparklines are charts that provide simple visualisations of trends across data in a single worksheet cell. Great for crowded sheets & very simple to use. Select data range, Insert, Sparklines type & choose a cell.

Microsoft Office 365 Screenshot Excel Sparklines How To Gif

Tip 4 – Protect your PC

Help protect your PC from security threats. Go to Start, Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security. Select “Virus & threat protection” then “Quick scan” to check whether your PC is at risk.

Microsoft Office 365 Screenshot windows defender action centre

Tip 5 – Office 365 Groups

Create groups in Office365 to connect users with colleagues, info & apps they need to get more done together. Groups are open by default to boost teamwork or you can create private groups for content.

Tip 6 – PowerPoint laser pointer

Microsoft PowerPoint lets you turn your cursor into a laser pointer while presenting. Select “Slide Show” mode (bottom of screen) > right click mouse button > select Pointer Options > Laser Pointer.

Tip 7 – Search with your voice Windows

Select the Cortana search box (next to Start), select Microphone, then ask questions or request what you need.

Tip 8 – Password protect your OneNote notebooks

Share your OneNote documents with others? Password protect any notebooks you want to keep private. Right click the document, select Password Protect > Set Password > choose your desired password.

Tip 9 – @mentions in Office 365

In Word, Excel and PowerPoint in Office 365 you can use the @ sign to alert a co-worker that a certain part of your document requires their attention. Type @ and their name and then your message. They will receive an email notification about your mention.

Tip 10 – Work better with Focus Assist

Hide distractions while you work. Turn on Focus Assist to send notifications directly to action centre and to hide distracting popups while you work. Select Action Centre (speech bubble on the bottom right of your taskbar) > Focus Assist.

Tip 11 – Get help, fast

If you’re in Office 365 and you need to find out how to do a task or where to find a tool, you can use the search bar at the top of the page to instantly get the help you need. Click the Tell me what to do bar > Type in your problem or question > Click one of the answers from the dropdown list.

Tip 12 – Change handwriting into text

If you prefer writing your notes rather than typing, but you don’t like the duplicate work involved in having to re-enter information into your laptop – OneNote has the answer. Simply highlight any written notes you have on your tablet screen and select Ink to Text to transform your handwriting into typed text.

Tip 13 – Send emails faster

Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly complete email tasks. To compose a new email, press Ctrl+Shift+M, then Ctrl+Enter to send it. To reply press Ctrl+Shift+R and use Ctrl+Shift+F to forward a message.

Tip 14 – Get more organised with Sticky Notes

To create handy reminders for yourself that live on your desktop screen, go to Windows Ink Workspace > Sticky Notes to create reminders for yourself. To make a new note, select New note, then use the pen to jot it down.

Tip 15 – Easily create heat maps in Excel

Conditional Formatting allows you to quickly create heat maps, for an effective way to explore data. Below is a heat map that illustrates high (dark green) and low (white) sales data across products and time. To create a heat map, select your data > Conditional Formatting > Colour Scales > select and edit a colour scale.

Microsoft Office 365 Screenshot Excel Heatmaps

Tip 16 – Office Dictation – Office 365

Speak directly into Word or Outlook and use the Dictate feature to cut out the middleman and instantly turn your words into text. This can be done in several languages (and then translated if required with the native Translate Services feature).

Microsoft Office 365 Screenshot Word Dictate

Tip 17 – Whiteboard

Meet the freeform digital canvas, Whiteboard. Brainstorm together as a team and let ideas grow with Whiteboard. Save your canvases securely in the cloud and return to them when you like. No need to take photos and rely on them after a team meeting!

How Can You Create a Modern Workplace With Microsoft 365?

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