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Sector: Public Transport, Transport, Public Services
Technology: Business Intelligence
Products: Qlik
Services: Consultancy & Development, Training

  • The organisation in its current form started in 1968
  • Responsible for running the Tyne and Wear Metro, ferry services, and the provisioning of supported bus service and infrastructure
  • They monitor customer satisfaction, asset management, organisational procedures and performance against key performance indicators

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The challenge

  • A better understanding of ticket sales, stations and travel routes
  • Identify travel users’ needs to optimise passenger experience
  • Deeper insights in less time to inform management decisions
  • Allow end users a simple way of viewing complicated data
  • HR to monitor staff sickness and absence for potential efficiencies

The solution

  • BI platform Qlik implemented in 2010
  • Initial training to develop a self-service solution
  • Ongoing support provided by Perfect Image

Daniel Richardson, Acceptance Supervisor at Nexus, says, “We have stored travel rights (PAYG travel) on the Metro system very similar to the London Oyster card and Qlik stores all the data for our passengers… It tells us all this information and translates a lot of complicated data into an easy to use system for us. We can click on a name, click on a station and it’s all there – all the information you want is in front of you.”

The benefits

  • Reducing the time to actionable insights into passengers and how they use public transport – from days to minutes
  • Identifying the “why” behind their data to improve travel routes and stations
  • Intuitive visualisations help end users to easily understand complicated data
  • Effortlessly understanding complicated ticket sales data to inform management decisions
  • Enriching and comparing data to improve services across the length and breadth of the business: “It’s been an absolute dream”
  • HR track sickness, absences and return to work interviews much more efficiently

Alex Finkel, Business Intelligence Manager at Nexus, says, “Because Qlik has been with us for a while, it’s expanded. What started off as a tool that allowed us to do what we needed to do, phase two was much more about the self-serve capabilities and pushing dashboards out, and as that’s happened you get other departments that want to get involved. What that means is Qlik connects to a lot more data than we, as a BI team, ever used before.”

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