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Sector: Public Services, Local Government
Technology: Business Intelligence
Products: Alteryx, Microsoft Power BI
Services: Consultancy & Development, Training

  • Working towards the Mayor’s vision of a fairer, safer, stronger city by 2025
  • Empowers and encourages staff to be the best they can be
  • Develops and applies modern working practices, which includes staying ahead of the curve with innovative technologies

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The challenge

  • Reduce the time taken to manually combine data and create reports in Excel (e.g. for local schools’ performance reports)
  • Improve standards of schools and education for children and service for residents
  • Create a way of visualising and analysing progress against the six major goals from the Council’s Investment Prospectus

The solution

  • Perfect Image assisted with implementing a BI solution
  • A powerful combination of Alteryx and Microsoft Power BI was chosen
  • Perfect Image provided training for the performance team

The benefits

  • From hours to just a few clicks for in-depth school performance reports
  • Residents in need receive a high-standard service
  • Making the Mayor’s ideas a reality and meeting goals
  • Boosting confidence and abilities with personalised training

Business Intelligence Coordinator, David Skaife, says, “Without sounding too gushing, the potential of the system for what we can use it for is almost is unlimited. We can do as much with it as we would like, and we are capable of doing it.”


Read the full Middlesbrough Council case study >