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Sector: Professional Services, Healthcare
Technology: CRM
Products: Microsoft Dynamics 365
Services: Consultancy & Development, Training

  • Established in 2000 and identifies sickness absence insights to develop tailored, successful health strategies for its customers
  • Their services are delivered remotely and on-site, integrating health at the organisational level
  • They monitor customer satisfaction, asset management, organisational procedures and performance against key performance indicators

Their aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of employees as well as reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of healthcare spend for customers

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The challenge

  • Needed a CRM system in 2011 to replace the limited functionality of their Access databases and Excel spreadsheets
  • Since then have undertaken work to improve and enhance the system based on demand

Operations Director, Chris Howell, says, “In the last three years the business has been growing, and a growing business needs to have a good system behind it. It’s all about making the system employee-centric. It always was, but it’s enhancing that. We need to have a robust, streamlined system in the back end, with a customised front end system, for the benefit of our customers.”

The solution

  • First implemented the CRM system with Perfect Image using Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Tailored Dynamics 365 solution was less expensive and more functionality-rich than
  • Recently invested in a new batch of work to make Dynamics 365 the key “one system” for the business
  • For each record on Dynamics 365, the organisation wanted deeper, more in-depth data

The result

  • Contact records more data-rich to assist with preventing absences
  • Reducing clicks for an increase in efficiency
  • Better flexibility and integrations than the competition – “It’s phenomenal”
  • Highly sensitive information strongly protected by Dynamics 365
  • Increasingly self-service solution for more control over data – “we become more dynamic with Dynamics 365”
  • Millions of pounds saved for customers
  • Utilising insight to improve productivity and reduce absences
  • Supportive partnership approach to ongoing work with Perfect Image

Healthcare RM has won clients using a live demo of what Dynamics 365 can achieve, as it is so unique. Chris explains, “We actually won a major airline company. We did a live demo of the system integrating with sickness absence data. To be able to sit in front of customers and be able to say, “We can do that, but don’t just take our word for it, watch this,” – it wins contracts.”

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